About Me

Let's get to know each other better, shall we?
Some tidbits about me:
  • I love taking pictures, but I still need to learn a lot of work at it.  I'm hoping this blog will help me learn and explore photography more.
  • I almost never allow my picture to be taken and if I do, there is ALWAYS someone else in the photo-- usually it's my son.  Someday I know I'll regret this when I look back on pictures of my child's early years.
  • I don't drink coffee-- can't do it, and believe me I've tried.  I had an addiction to Diet Coke for years however. I finally kicked the habit 9 months ago.
  • My house is full of tiny Lego bricks (and most of them are my husband's-- he works for the company).
  • I am terrible at making decisions for myself yet I can make decisions for my husband in no time (and vice versa).
  • I LOVE football (and sports in general).
  • I would much rather cook, clean, give baths, help with potty and teeth brushing -- or any of  the care and nurturing tasks than play trucks or puzzles.  I just don't have the patience for 'playing'.  I do it (of course), but I don't love it.  For the record-- my husband is one of the most creative and fun 'playmates' my child could ever ask for.  I'm secretly jealous of this.
  • I love handwriting lists and I like to change up the 'look' of my handwriting every so often. (and by handwriting I don't mean cursive - I think I may have actually forgotten how to write in cursive since I use it so infrequently)  I get nervous when handwriting in crafting or scrapbooking however because then my handwriting is immortalized forever on a potential "important" piece.
  • I refuse to leave the house without make-up on.  Even to just get the mail or drive through the bank atm.  It's a total insecurity thing stemming from the chicken pox incident of 8th grade.
  • I've had the chicken pox twice. (I know they say it's not possible but I did!!)  A very mild case when I was quite young (like 5 or 6) then again in 8th grade (as if 8th grade isn't traumatizing enough).
  • I use "quotation marks", dashes --, ... and exclamation points way too much!  Please forgive my poor punctuation and grammar.

For a more formal introduction, check out my 'introduction' post.  

Now tell me something about you!