Saturday, January 15, 2011

I love glass.

*please excuse the poor (and inconsistent) photography in this post *

Alright—I caved.  I just couldn’t take it anymore—I HAD to have one (or two, or four)

Everyone in blogland is has been (I’m a little behind) making their own hurricane vases.  They looked SO GOOD and it’s a great project for a cheapskate like me so… I did it.  And I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!

Actually, since discovering E6000 glue- my new obsession- I have made a few things to add to my collection.  Yes—I have a collection of glass.  I LOVE glass serving/décor pieces.  Glass just goes with everything- making it versatile- and cheapskates like me like versatile.

 The first thing I made was this cute apothecary jar. 
It’s a dollar store lidded glass jar and a dollar store glass candlestick and my new favorite E6000 glue!  Brilliant right?  I can't take credit for the idea though.  I think I first saw it on Dollar Store Crafts. 

Then I found a cute pack of 2 small candlestick holders at a different dollar store.  
2 for a dollar!  That makes them $.50 each! 
I had in my collection already a really plain glass vase from the dollar store so I decided to try something kinda unconventional.  Since these candlesticks are roughly the same size at the top and bottom, I glued it to the vase upside down.  This made a dual use piece (hooray versatility!).
I’m not sure I love it as a footed vase (it's kinda awkward looking), but then again… I don’t hate it either... and if I group it with other glass things it probably wouldn't stick out so much. 

I do kinda love it as a tall candlestick.  Makes it something that you can customize with the seasons (or for holidays or parties etc).  Once I can find another matching plain vase (my usual dollar store doesn’t have them anymore) I’ll use the other small candlestick to make a set.

Then I went and made what everyone in blogland has made—because I HAD to.  The inspiration piece from William Sonoma is so beautiful.
Williams Sonoma had these in 3 sizes with prices ranging from $56 - $118 each (I think they are discontinued)
But for $2, I just COULDN’T not make one (or two).  So…

2 dollar store fluted vases + 2 dollar store glass candlesticks + 2 bags of dollar store rocks + 2 small dollar store white pillar candles + a little dollar store hemp twine = BEAUTIFUL! 
naked hurricanes
notice the glue is almost completely invisible.

Now I just have to find a place for them… for now they reside on my dining table.  And I love them.

P.S.  I have plans to make a glass cake stand too once I find just the right flat glass plate to put atop another glass candlestick.  Stay tuned…


Dave and Kath said...

Lovey Love! I too, love glass. I would like to see a colored glass project please.

Chris Cindi and family said...

I love this project. In Missouri I went to Dillards store to see Southern Country Living Projects (the magazine). They used "efferdent" (sp. denture adhesive). That way you can take it apart if you ever want to by soaking in hot water. I've done it and it works wonders. That's from one cheapskate to another!!!

Laura said...

Great tip Cindi! I'm totally going to try that sometime!