Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I know this isn't cheapskate related really, but I have so many things that I want to change/accomplish/work on/try that it’s ridiculous.  I thought I'd share them with you and show you that this is what happens when an uncontrollable list maker tries to re-organize her life.   Here’s what I have so far:

The Year of the New & Improved Laura:  (in no particular order)

be a better wife:
  • take iniative to cook more    (I've been all over this one already!)
  • seek out interesting “date” activities to do with husband    (gotta do the next one first)
  • find a trusted/reliable babysitter
  • listen better
  • learn to not ALWAYS be right   (I'm hoping that some day I might actually have the opportunity to BE wrong) :)
  • be more patient
  • be more understanding
  • be more generous

be a better mother:    (mostly, don't be boring)
  • take more time to PLAY
  • find new snacks/recipes that Cole will eat
  • encourage craft/create time with Cole
  • find ways to spend time with extended family
  • keep up with older kids’ schedules better  (they don't live with us- I'm not just "neglecting" them)
  • keep lists of gift ideas for all kids for Christmas/Birthdays
  • create a sibling for Cole
  • spend more QUALITY time with Tom, Cole & “the kids"
  • be IN more pictures (for memories for children)
  •  create Cole’s 1st year scrapbook    (yeah- I'm a little behind)
  •  start a book of holiday traditions to add to and hand down
  •  start a book of Cole-isms    (really-- it will be HILARIOUS!)

eat better:
  • no eating in the car
  • no fast food  (except when necessary like when traveling)
  • pack a lunch every day
  • when traveling, pack food whenever possible
  • drink lots more water
  • have a vegetable at every dinner  (should be a no brainer but    sometimes my brain just doesn't think vegetable)
  • find new healthy recipes
  • start ‘Fat Smash Diet’ again to lose 40 lbs.  (see how I snuck 'lose weight' in here)
  • wean self off Diet Coke addiction
  • introduce my son (and myself) to new foods

exercise more:
  • make it a point to sweat at least once a day
  • dance and run around with Cole more
  • stretch every day

present myself better:  (I know these sound CRAZY but they are for real- I swear!)
  • update wardrobe
  • find pajamas to wear at night (not sweats)
  • no sweatpants before 8pm
  • take more pride in my appearance
  • accessorize every day (jewelry, shoes, bag etc.)
  • get a haircut
  • get eyebrows waxed (I haven’t had them waxed in years and my home maintenance is not cutting it these days—they need a refresher.  Bad.)

be better with money:
  • no fast food (hmmm… here it is agin)
  • when traveling, pack food whenever possible
  • pack a lunch everyday
  • no more “décor” purchases unless I get rid of something else
  • begin a grocery store comparison list and use whenever possible
  • find items to sell via craigslist/ebay—and actually sell them
  • use what we already have before buying new (I tend to hoard the weirdest stuff—like stationary, candles and scrapbooking supplies)
  • look at bank rates/features/ratings etc. and consider moving money
be less lazy:
  • make it a point to clean at least one thing every day (not that I was a DIRTY person, but…)        
  • wake up earlier
  • turn the t.v. off more
  • get rid of clutter quicker—ie. mail etc.
  • help others more- ie. moving etc.

have more fun:
  • take more time to PLAY (twice)
  • look for “date” activites to do with husband
  • entertain guests more often
  • look for family fun activities to do outside of the house
  • work through '50 Great Things to See and Do in Connecticut' as well as travel books—museums, historical sites etc.
  • look for a dance outlet
  • plan a family vacation
  • take advantage of all the library has to offer more
  • make new friends
  • take advantage of more LEGO activities
  • learn more about photography
  • buy a new camera
  • work to create stronger relationships with current friends and extended family
  • take more pictures (but don’t forget to be in the moment as well)
  • read more

be content with who I am and what I have:
  • use what we already have instead of waiting for a “special occasion”.
  • purge items that are not being used or that look cheap
  • think less about saying/doing the RIGHT thing and be “real”
  • share imperfections with others so as to see I’m not alone
  • embrace ‘trial and error’
  • trust more (trust others, trust myself, trust God etc.)

  • Start and maintain a personal blog with posts AT LEAST 3  times a week
  • find a job
  • take on more DIY projects and crafts
  • take better care of myself and my family (vitamins/doctor/dentist)
  • buy a new car
  • prospect and research homes in our area
  • get back to church on Sundays
  • learn more about photo editing
  • edit/organize photos

Phew!  I think I’d better get started

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Lori @ Lighten Up! said...

Laura, I just found your blog through Katie Bower's blog... and this post sounds (scarily) so much like me! I could have written a huge part of this list.

I look forward to reading more (because just like you have to start things on a Monday or Jan 1st, I have to start at the beginning of a blog. :-)