Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tutorial: Custom Napkin Rings - Fail (or was it?)

So remember how I mentioned that my first try at the custom napkin rings was a fail-- here's why.

I've made custom napkin rings a million times (OK- a few times).

For Cole's 3rd birthday party  (OK-- admittedly the numbers are a little bit ghetto-- it was my first attempt at custom napkin rings and I just drew them on with a stencil)

And for a graduation party for my oldest step-daughter Caily.  FYI- the party never actually happened because we couldn't coordinate schedules over the summer  :(

This time however, I over thought it and over did it.

At first my napkin rings started out like this.

Cute right?

THEN I got all "need more details" on myself and over did it by adding 4's to it.

See what I mean?  Too much!

I tried a couple of different versions too--

coordinating 4s

and matching 4s
either way it just didn't work.

So... what did I do?  Well, the glue was dry and the 4s were REALLY stuck so....

I just turned the napkin rings around.  Makeshift? yes.  Did anyone at the party care?  not a bit.
Here's my super complicated tutorial for you now.

Choose your scrapbook paper.

Cut strips 1 1/2" by 4 1/2".

Use glue stick to add embellishments (ie. second strip of complimentary paper, 2" punched circle etc.)
Note-- embellishments can be made from anything-- while the 4s didn't necessarily work, you can see how fancy my "template" was -- a hand drawn 4 cut out of cardstock (which I did at lunchtime at work one day)

larger 4s were for the party hats-- more on those later
Shape paper into tube-- overlapping paper about 1/4".  Glue with glue stick.

tip:  make sure you use paper that is thick enough (ie. scrapbook paper- not just copy paper) but not too thick (like cardstock).  The paper I used this time was a little too thick and made the "tubes" a little difficult to roll without creases and I ended up having to scotch tape them to keep them shut.  Live and learn!

See-- its practically a 2nd grade art project.  Anyone can do it!  And it really doesn't take that long to do either.  The possibilities are endless...  have fun with them!

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