Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm pretty much an International Superstar!

So when I sent a text to my husband today to tell him that I had discovered that I was pretty famous he replied with, "because of the flag?"  I had no idea what the heck he was talking about until he reminded me that a month ago I bragged for two weeks about how I had served our country well and saved reunion at Smith College (where I work).  Ya' see I helped to coordinate the fundraising awards for Smith College reunion classes this year and I was set up on the stage during reunion ceremonies with some students.  During the ceremony the American flag started to tip over and was about to fall off the "stage" when I jumped up and snagged it-- thus saving reunion from ultimate disaster (noted with an audible gasp from some of the audience members- no joke!).  Need proof:
This is AFTER I saved the flag.  After the "incident" I kept my foot on the base-- it almost got away 1 other time, but... not on my watch... this is patriotism in action my friends!
Yeah-- I served my country proud that day, but... that's NOT why I'm famous!

A few weeks ago someone asked me if I'd ever checked the "stats" for my blog.  I don't do this blog for "stats" purposes so... 'no' I hadn't checked the stats page.  Today for whatever reason I decided to take a peek.  I was SHOCKED by what I saw.

(note:  for many of you with blogs, this will not be at all impressive, but to little 'ole blogs like me, it's really exciting!)

Check me out!

WHAT??!!  123 page views from RUSSIA?  Poland?  Malaysia?  Philippines?  Who knew?!  I get it that some of these page views are people who just clicked here and then clicked away, but for now I am happy to live in my own delusion thank you very much.  Of course now I'm just worrying about not posting enough and disappointing my leagues of fans.  :)

I also found out that I am featured on another blogger's blog roll (list of blogs that she frequents).  That makes me so very happy!!  I think that's where at least some of my international fans have come from. Hi Jenn - thanks for reading and letting me know you're here!

Now... what did I take away from this discovery?

#1.  I am going to need to start demanding more "things" because of my new found fame-- maybe diamonds... maybe a couple of new cars... hmmm...

#2.  If you have a blog-- even if it's small, you should totally check out your stats-- you never know what you'll see and... it's exciting!

#3.  I want to know more about who is reading my little 'ole blog, so.... if you check my blog regularly, or just once in a while, or even if you only check it when I post a link on Facebook, could you please do me a favor?    On the right hand side of my blog, there is a button to "follow" my blog.

Just click it and it will give me an idea of WHO is out there - crickets... crickets .  You don't have to sign up for anything or have any special account to do it and you won't receive e-mails or anything-- it just lets me know you're out there.

Oh-- and on the off chance that any of my international friends DO in fact come back I just wanted to say:


Oh and in the interest of continuing my patriotism, I'm thinking of printing this from eighteen25 and using it in some 4th of July decor.
Seriously.  Isn't it awesome!


Jolene said...

Ha! That's pretty cool! I've never checked mine out either. I'm in that 32 from the UK on yours, and you're in my reader too :).

jen@eighteen25 said...

well first off... thank you for your service. (catching the flag) i'm pretty patriotic so you are a girl after my own heart. :) secondly... so glad you like the pledge print!! we appreciate you sharing it with your friends and readers!
have a great day,
jen :)

Laura said...

Jolene-- you should TOTALLY check your stats-- it's kinda fascinating!

Jen-- thank YOU for the awesome pledge print. I can't wait to showcase it!

Michael and Joanne said...

You should be excited, and everyone in the WORLD should follow your blog if you ask me. Keep on blogging!!!