Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I used to be a little snobby.

While I'm compiling my Independence Day picnic photos I thought I'd leave you with another post to hold you over.  (because I know you're holding your breath in anticipation)

I'll admit that before I began my career as a cheapskate, I used to think thrift stores were gross.  And some are, but there are so many wonderful hidden treasures in them.  I understand that they are not for everyone, but with a little post-purchase cleaning and lots of hand sanitizer you can find some really cool things.  And you only purchase things that are within the scope of repair, cleaning or refurbishing that you WANT to do so... what's the harm in looking?

I am super psyched with my latest finds-- totaling $5.84.
The two plates are actually pretty large.  (note: apple below to show size of plates)  I liked the color- a mustardy yellow.  Truth be told I was thinking of using them during football season for Steelers games (Go Black and Gold!) but they can also be used during fall for Thanksgiving or for other harvest related affairs.  $1.00 each.

I couldn't help myself when buying this jar.  I had 4th of July on the brain and thought it was just too perfect for the picnic I was planning so... even though I really didn't need an empty jar-- it was only $.50 and it makes me happy so...

I am in LOVE with this lazy susan-- also purchased mostly for the 4th.  It's so nautical looking to me and it's SUPER functional because besides being a turntable, the navy blue part is rubberized so condiments won't slide around on it when it turns.  Plus-- blue and white work for so many events-- Memorial Day, Independence Day,  a whole host of college/high school events (like SU or UCONN sporting events and Nonnewaug high school graduations), and of course any nautical themed parties that could be in our future  - who knows?  Totally worth it for $2.00.

oh, and I forgot to mention since it's rubber, plastic and metal it's also totally washable (unlike my wooden lazy susan)  BONUS!
with condiments:
and in action:
And I love picking up fabric remnants at a bargain price.  These were 3 for $1.00.  I have promised myself that I WILL learn to sew in the near future so I'm working on a little fabric stash.  Plus the pink and the black I know I can use to make some more fabric necklaces, broches or embellishments etc.
how fun is that stripey fabric?
I love my local Goodwill.  Have you checked out your local thrift shop lately?

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Jolene said...

I have two of those lazy susan's in my cupboard for my spices (smaller than yours I think). LOVE THEM. That way, I don't have to go digging through jars of spices, or unload my cupboards every time I'm looking for something.