Saturday, August 13, 2011

I don't wanna let go of Summer just yet!

It's funny-- because I'm not much of a hot weather person.  In fact-- Fall is definitely my favorite season, but for some reason I'm not quite ready to let go of Summer yet this year.  Maybe it's the fact that there is still so much left to do on our "first Summer in Connecticut" list that we didn't get to this year.   I'm trying to hold on a little longer -- especially since this will be our last year without an official "back to school" time frame (Don't even get me started--I can't even think about it).  And yes.. I do realize that its only mid-August and that summer is not over yet, but sometimes it just feels like summer ends earlier and earlier each year.

Anyway, I saw this fun (and easy) summer time activity at One Charming Party and knew it would be a big hit in our house.  And it was-- wet AND dry.

Sponge Balls!  
All you need are some sponges-- (3 for each ball) and some fishing wire (or dental floss-- whatever you have handy).  I had fishing wire and I got a 6 pack of sponges at Target for like $2.30 (or something like that).
Cut your sponges in half.
Then in half again 
So each sponge gives you 4 pieces.  Each ball uses 3 sponges so you should have a total of 12 pieces for each sponge.
They are so colorful-- they make me happy!
The next step is a two person step so I couldn't photograph it (although the OCP tutorial has photos).  You gather all the pieces in your hand, twist them and then have someone else tie the center very tightly. Cut off any exposed ends of your "string", fluff your balls (teehehe-- sorry the third grader in me couldn't resist-- classy I know...), and they are ready to go!
But you might want to do it at naptime, because no sooner will you have them done than little fingers will pick them up to play with!

eeewww...ugly built in apartment air conditioner in photo!!!  I'm horrified.
A great (cheap and easy) summer water toy for the pool, the beach, a bucket of water or even the bath tub.

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