Sunday, August 7, 2011

I hate to waste.

And because of this, my career as a sculptor began.

If you've tried making these flip flop (or any-one-of-a-million-other-things) holders, then you already know that there is a long straight piece that is left once you cut your wire hanger.
Just out of boredom, I started twisting these extra pieces into different shapes.  I wound up creating a couple of shapes that I kinda liked so I took them out to spray paint with the hangers.
the house piece was kind of a joke after I looked at the other pieces together and they started to look like a sun, a tree and a (rather large) bee.
Not wanting to waste anything I kept twisting.  My favorite original wire hanger sculpture has taken up permanent residence at my workplace.

And thus my career as a sculptor ended.

Now--- because I'm kinda crazy about not wasting things, I have to pose a question to you all, to gauge just how crazy I may or may not be.  Please feel free to really answer the question in comments-- I'd actually like to know your answers.

Scenario.  You're at the end of a bottle of lotion (with a pump top).  Do you:

A.  Chuck it out-- you're not going to work that hard for another pump or two of lotion.
B.  Unscrew the top and bang out the rest of the lotion out into your palm for a few days until it's all 
      used up.
C.  Cut the bottle near the bottom so that you can scoop out any remaining lotion.

I'll tell you that I am a B -- and sometimes I use the long "straw part" of the pump to reach some of the hard to reach lotion in the corners.  Am I totally crazy?

One more bonus feature for today-- just because I found this to be really interesting.... 

I took the photos of my initials sculpture at work on my desk which is gray.  The pictures came out kinda dark so I put them in Photoshop to brighten them up a bit.  Since I only know the VERY BASICS when it comes to Photoshop, I always try 'Auto Tone' and 'Auto Color' first to see what happens.  Here's what happened with my 'Auto Tone' with this one.

Before 'Auto Tone':

 After 'Auto Tone':

Interesting. (well to me anyway)


Anonymous said...

i am also a B ... you are not crazy! although i never thought of C, maybe i will try it one day LOL

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I am definitely a B. I think you should take up sculpting again cause I'm really digging the initials :)

Michael and Joanne said...

Gimme a B! These days I am scraping the last bit of anything at the end of the bottle. You are not crazy, you are an inspiration sister in law!