Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Easiest "Artwork" Ever!

I can't remember exactly where I first saw this, but as soon as I did I began my search to find the perfect "frames".    It's the EASIEST way to add a little something to the walls and pull a room together.

Embroidery hoops with patterned fabric.  (please ignore the striped one that looks wrinkled-- I took it down to take photos of the backside of it and hung it back up to take photos without taking another look at it - until now of course.  I can assure it was straightened out as soon as I noticed it in these pictures-- like I stopped what I was doing mid-blog post and went and straightened it out.  I'm a little compulsive like that.)

When I covered the paper mache letters of Cole's name for his nursery seen here,  I made sure to buy extra for, well... I didn't exactly know what, but I figured I'd want to use it somehow to coordinate parts of his room.  I was thinking maybe pillows BUT, I don't sew... yet.   (I WILL learn to sew though... soon!)  Aannnnyyyyywaaayyy.....

When I came across the idea of "framing" fabric, I thought it was brilliant. Then I came across an ever better/easier/cheaper way to "frame" leftover pieces of fabric (and I'm all about a better/easier/cheaper way to do just about anything!).  The answer was clear--stretch it through an embroidery hoop.

So I set out to find round embroidery hoops.  I found oval embroidery hoops -- $.25 a piece, at a local thrift store (if you're in the Central New York area check out the Thrifty Shopper).  I wasn't sure I liked the oval hoops, but they totally grew on me... and then I stopped looking for round hoops.

If however, I ever find some (by happenstance) I will most likely pick them up to create something like this:
image credit: candidlyred
or this:
image credit:  apartment therapy
or this:
image credit:  apartment therapy
ps- on this website I do NOT like the embroidery hoops on the ceiling thing-- that's just odd.
AND another great feature-- they are SUPER lightweight so if you don't want to put excessive holes in your walls (or you can't because you're in an apartment)  you can use those 3M removable wall hooks with no problem!

Why are these placed so off centered-ly on the wall?  (yes, that was off centered-ly)

because I needed room for the door to open too -- which it is most of the time anyway.
How cute!  (and cheap and easy)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Laura! My name is Marybeth, and I work with your sister-in-law, Patti Brody. She was telling me about your blog and suggested I visit. So glad I did! Love what you did with the embroidery hoops, and wanted to tell you about the one I made for Christmas several years ago. I found some fabric in Joann's that had large (maybe 10" x 10") reproductions of christmas art by Norman Rockwell on it. Thought I might make some pillows with it, but then spied a large, round embroidery hoop in my sewing drawer. Before cutting the fabric, I placed it in the hoop to see if the image fit, and loved the way it looked. So, I bought several more hoops, framed the other pictures, and gave them as Christmas gifts! Thanks for reminding me how fun and easy this project is! BTW, posted as anonymous because I didn't understand the other options! duh..