Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm THAT kind of cheapskate.

I'm NOT a "don't tip because we got bad service" type cheapskate -- I'm more a ...."why would I spend more on that when I can make it work like this" type cheapskate.

I'm THIS kind of cheapskate.

Yep-- I buy 2L soda bottles and transfer the contents into one 20oz. bottle that I wash out and reuse.
Clarification--I only do this on weekdays when I need to bring my caffine with me.
Yes, I have cute reusable plastic bottles and I have a whole collection of aluminum bottles (in all sizes), but when it comes to my Diet Coke obsession, I have very specific ways I like my Diet Coke (based on the circumstance that my Diet Coke and I find ourselves in).  Cute reusable plastic and aluminum bottles just don't do it -  for any scenario.  I'll spare you the details, but sometimes I prefer my Diet Coke as fountain soda, sometimes in a can (mostly in the summertime), sometimes in a glass with LOTS of ice, and when traveling (near or far)- in a single serve size bottle.  It's all very scientific I assure you.

I've tried buying cans to just grab and go too, but the problem lies mostly when I get to work and have to run up a bagillion (OK 3, but it FEELS like a bagillion) flights of stairs to the office.   I don't want to risk spilling a single drop!  It is afterall my coffee (and I DESERVE it after all those stairs).
PLUS -- the savings is big See chart below (nerd alert): 

Using a local grocery store's REGULAR prices- not on-sale prices -- the math:

20 oz. single    (20 oz. total)         = $ .75 /oz.
6 pk. bottles     (101.4 oz. total)    = $ .39/oz.
12 pk. cans      (144 oz. total)       = $ .35/oz.
2L bottle          (67.6 oz. total)      = $ .26/oz. 

SO... for 144 oz. of soda (the largest qty you can buy as indicated above).

When purchased as ____  you spend____.

20 oz. singles     $ 10.73
6pk bottles         $ 5.67
12 pk. cans        $ 4.99
2 L bottles          $ 3.81

Oh, and I totally stock up when they are on sale for $1 a 2L.

Yep-- I'm THAT kind of cheapskate (and nerd), and I don't care who knows it!

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Jordan said...

ha ha ha... I love this post, Laura! Makes me miss my Diet Coke!!!