Sunday, March 6, 2011

Conversations with a Cheapskate.

Here's what happens when you come across someone who is feeling a little stressed but who loves to plan parties AND is a cheapskate.  Conversations like this may or may not take place (mostly in my head--ok- and a little bit out loud too).

Friday night:

"I need some wine.  Not good wine, just something to take the edge off.  They run about what... $8 - $9/bottle?-- I can swing that.  I could totally use some wine right now."

Enter liquor store:

"Here's the kind I usually get-- $8.99 for the 1.5L bottle.  Nice!  Love me some cheap wine."

On the way to the counter with said bottle in hand says (out loud).

"Oh wait... what's this???  Look at THIS bottle!  So cute!  AND only $6.99 for the 1.5L bottle!"

Picks up bottle.  Husband rolls eyes and leaves store.

"I bet the wine tastes like crap, but the bottle... so cute!!"

Reaches the register.

Places the $6.99 bottle of wine on the counter (and a bottle of something else for the husband since I know he won't drink my crappy wine).  Total:  $17.98.  Score!  It's gonna be a good weekend! (how sad)

But seriously-- look how cute this bottle is.

I have big plans of doing a Cookies and Milk party like this someday (yes, I know it's a first birthday party, but I love the concept of it for an 'anytime' party).
image credit:  Kara's Party Ideas
These bottles would be so cute for holding milk (and chocolate milk).  Best of all-- I'm not spending money on JUST the bottle.  I get crappy wine too!  (remember I'm not a fancy eater - or drinker for that matter).  For a party I would obviously take off the wine bottle labels and I think I would cut a circle out of a coordinating scrapbook paper to paste over the lid.

I think those directions (above) are HILARIOUS!  They're so specific.

 And the description on the back makes me laugh too.  If you can't read it it says:

"Serve this refreshingly crisp, fruity wine chilled.  Great by itself or with white meat, poultry, seafood, lightly flavored or spicy dishes, and cold cuts."  

Cold cuts?  Really?  I guess this wine KNOWS it's not very good.

Anyway.... I can't wait to do a Cookies and Milk party someday-- I'm thinking it would be a January or February party and I would serve a bunch of different types of cookes, milk, chocolate milk, and hot cocoa with different toppings like whipped cream, marshmellows, peppermint sticks, candy coated spoons and some Bailey's for the adults.  Mmmm....
image credit:  Kara's Party Ideas
And then after the party, I think the bottles would also make cute vases for cut flowers - tulips is what I'm envisioning right now-- c'mon Spring!!
image credit:  Design Sponge
I guess I'll need to get another couple bottles of crappy wine for the party that I might have someday.  Oh... and the wine... it was REALLY bad-- like rubbing alcohol bad.


Jordan said...

This is awesome, Laur! :) I love the cookie party idea - would be a super cute party. As your fellow simple eater / simple drinker friend...I too love cheap wine. :)

Laura said...

Jord- consider this post your warning though. Don't try Paul Masson white zinfandel! If you like the bottle like I did, buy the wine and pour it out! :) (just kidding- in a pinch, it'll do!)

Oh, and you're totally invited to my milk and cookies party if it ever happens! :)