Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Easter Pictorial

Whoa!  Life got away from me for a bit.  Things got pretty hectic here for a while, but I am willing them to calm down now so I should post a bit more regularly now.

But in the interest of time, here's a pictorial post of our Easter dinner (and it's a LOT of photos).  OF COURSE I totally forgot to take a picture of the most important part of dinner-- our company -- the 3 older kids + 1 boyfriend.  I promise you it was a table full of gorgeous people but alas... I got too caught up in ...well... eating, to take a photo.  (yes-- I gave myself the day off of my diet for Easter-- and it was GOOD!)

Anyway, without further adieu...  Easter; cheapskate style.

(note:  The Buzz Lightyear toy in his hand is a gift that his Grandpa brought back from Disney for him-- he hasn't put it down in DAYS!-- well except in the next picture)
 Two minutes later--
I tend to buy and stash little items all year round when I find a good deal-- perfect for Easter baskets or Christmas stockings or 'Job Well Done' treats.  For example-- the stuffed monkey was an After Valentine's Day Clearance item that I got for $2.  I just switched out the red/hearts ribbon for something a bit more Easter-y.

Grace came Saturday and stayed overnight with us so she got to take part in the fun too!  The other kids had to wait until the evening to get their baskets.

A small Easter egg hunt in our tiny apartment.
Can you spot the Golden Egg?

And for Daddy from the Easter Bunny...

 Easter Dinner Table:

The first plan was to use the carrot cones for popcorn for movie watching but then I decided the table needed a bit more color.

Then I was going to write names on the "carrot cones" and use them as place cards, but in the end decided against it to keep it clean looking and added a little flower for filler.

Love the Spring-y pops of color on the table!

Pier 1 ceramic bird salt shakers-- $1.50 each.  So sweet! They work on an Easter table and for Christmas too.  They could even be "love birds" for a Valentine's Day setting. Love multi-purpose items!
And what would a holiday in our household be without a little LEGO.
And for dessert:
 We're not big on "fussy" desserts (I know- shocking right?!) so cute egg nest cupcakes seemed like the perfect thing.

Classic little boy.

And of course while waiting for the other kids to arrive, Cole watched Toy Story 3 (for the 9 millionth time) with his good buddy, Woody.

Here's how I found him during the "scary" part.
All in all a really nice, relaxing holiday.  Although I'm still kicking myself for not taking photos when all of the kids were here.  arrgh!

Anyway... the cheapskate portion:

After dinner I disassembled the carrot cones because surely I can find another way to use these paper scraps in someother project even though parts are a little beat up.  Yep.  I did.
What would you do with these?


Dave and Kath said...

Love everything! I am so mad I didn't know about the cones AND birds before Easter. Miss you all so much. Oh, and could my, "twin," brother Tom be anymore like me? Love a peanut butter egg. Coconut is a close second.

Joanne Cavallo said...

I can barely bring myself to look at your blog I miss my boy so much. Seriously thinking of visiting for his birthday. Love your Easter day blog!