Saturday, April 30, 2011

Use What Ya' Got-- Anniversary edition.

And this is what I got.  Don't you LOVE it?!

OK wait- before you throw me in the looney bin-- keep reading. :)

So... yesterday was the Royal wedding (and yes-- I got up at 4am EST to watch).  But 6 years ago today there was another wedding that was even more important to me.  Mine.

We don't really do gifts for our Anniversary, we usually just go out dinner of something.  Then out of no-where I got this great idea to MAKE an Anniversary present for us (not just for my husband-- for me too!)  I'd seen the idea floating around the blogosphere, but I don't have a Silhouette machine (like EVERYONE else in blogland seems to have), so I thought I couldn't do it.  This morning I decided I really WANTED to do it so.... Here it is!

I LOVE IT!  and so does my husband-- score!

OK since I don't have a Silhouette and I'm a cheapskate and I've made a new pact with myself to 'Use What I Got', here's how I did it:

First I gathered all my materials in a nice neat pile.  :)
2 coordinating scrapbooking papers
my words printed on my laser printer
scissors with a VERY fine point
frame (purchased at Goodwill for $1.75)
black spray paint

First I started by painting the frame.

While the frame was drying I started piecing together the papers.  Because I was 'Using What I Got', I chose some 8 1/2 X 11 paper and a scrap of a bigger pice for the background so it took a little work.  I purposely chose a pattern that would be easy to match up because I wanted a seamless look-- stripes worked really well.

I was using a perviously framed print (that was permanently attached to the back board), so I had to add another layer to help cover it up .  I just used plain computer paper-- nothing fancy-- it's not going to be seen anyway.

 And then trim away any excess.
Then I put together all the pieces to make the matted look.
 For the pieces that weren't long enough, I taped same sized pieces together on the back side being careful to line up the stripes precisely.
 In some places the pieces didn't have to be EXACTLY the same width.  (note the 3 separate pieces below).
 And in other places it is important for the pieces to be the same width.  The band of stripes at the bottom on the next photo is actually 2 pieces.  Can you spot the place where they are lined up?
Then I started to cut out my letters.  This was by far the most time consuming part, but in the end, the whole project only took a couple of hours (and I ran outside to play with the boys for a bit too).
 This is why you need the fine tipped scissors.

To make sure my letters were lined up and straight I used a ruler.
My husband was very quick to note that I put the 'O' in Metallo on vertically instead of horizontally.  Oops.  Doesn't really bother me though.
Again, I'm sure I could have found letter stickers that would have worked too, but... #1. it would cost money, #2. I was doing this project on a total whim and didn't want to have to run out and search stores to find the "right" letters, #3. I am 'Using What I Got' (computer paper, printer ink, scissors and a glue stick).

Then frame up the finished product and there you have it!
FYI-- in most light you can't see the place where the background paper lines up-- this is just a bad photo of it.

And one final before and a few afters.

And After:
 Total cost:  $1.75 (because I had everything else on hand already)

Happy Anniversary to the BEST husband a girl could ask for.  I love you!


Jordan said...

I love this, Laura! Nice job!! Happy Anniversary to you & Tom!! Your wedding was so much fun.. I can't believe how fast the time flies by!! Love to you both & Cole Man too. :)

Laura said...

Thanks Jord! It IS amazing how quickly time flies! Miss you guys!