Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm a bit unconventional at times

I debated whether or not this was too weird to divulge or not, but.... I'm putting it out there.  I know you won't judge!  :)

Especially when you see that I got this great pullover sweatshirt for $1.98!

In case you are not aware, Target has a place on it's website where you can print Target store coupons.

AND {tip} you can use Target store coupons in conjunction with manufacturers coupons for extra savings.

From time to time they also post apparel and accessory coupons as well.  I ALWAYS print these.  They don't last too long on the site as I've heard that they will only allow a certain number of these to be printed, so when you see them-- act fast.

The other day I printed a coupon for $3 off a certain brand of clothing at Target-- hold on-- I'll tell you what brand in a minute.  I thought on the crazy off chance that something from this brand really caught my eye, I'd try it on and see what it looked like.
I don't know what happened to this photo-- it's so fuzzy and weird looking.
Wouldn't you know -- in the clearance rack was this sweatshirt - marked down to $4.98.

I don't usually wear much purple, but this was cute and at less than $5 for a sweatshirt I thought I'd give it a try.  It looked like it was about right size too -- it would be roomy, but I kinda like my sweatshirts to be roomy.

Upon further investigation the tag revealed this:

Yep-- maternity wear.  And guess what my $3 off coupon was for?  Yep- Liz Lange maternity item.  So I HAD to try it on and see for myself. 

It's actually pretty cute!  And if there are ever any more children in our future, I've got one less piece of clothing to buy! 

I know the following pose doesn't help, but I wanted to show you the side details.  What do you think?  Does it look maternity to you?
Nevermind that it totally doesn't match my pants, I just put it on for photo purposes.
And-- just for the record.  No, I am not pregnant.  :)

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Michael and Joanne said...

Awesome, I think it looks great, especially on your slim body. You go girl!!!