Saturday, July 30, 2011

String update.

I know you've been on the edge of your seat just waiting for an update on my string project.   I am happy to report that I tried the same technique from here with the thicker string as promised.

Guess what?  It was a no-go.  Bummer.

 Apparently the string was TOO thick and the dye didn't absorb all the way through.

Here's the string I decided to try it with:
I decided to just try a small bit of the "more luxurious" string at first to see if it would actually work
a thicker, more natural cotton fiber string...

Isn't it so pretty just wrapped around the ruler.  I may have to find something to "make over"with this string.

I should have known when I was making my lines and they weren't spreading like they did with the crochet cotton.  I had to make several passes to get a thick enough line.
Here's one pass v. three passes.

I actually had to sort of color these lines in-- not just drag the marker through the string like last time.

I still thought there might be hope though after I got all the lines on...

I kinda knew though that it wasn't going to be good when I moved the ruler and saw this:

That didn't happen with the other string.

So I elevated it and let it dry a bit before unraveling, only to find...

Front side good, back side not.  Boo.

Oh well-- at least I didn't waste too much time on a messed up pile of string.
  Lesson learned.

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