Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Office Makeover Breakdown: Pennant Banner

By FAR my favorite part of my "new" office space is the fun pennant banner that hangs on the doors to my top cabinets.  I LOVE them-- they make me so happy.

In fact-- it was my very first thought when the idea of re-doing this space came to mind.  There is something about a pennant banner that makes every day feel like a party.

I had most of the supplies on hand so really this whole project cost me $1 (bought the 12 x 12 scrapbook papers when they were on sale for 5/$1) and about an hours worth of time.

I didn't do a full tutorial (because it's SO easy to do), but here's the gist:  

1. figure out about how long and wide you want each flag to be.  My mini bunting is 2 1/4" long (h) and 1 1/2" wide.

2. Cut a strip of paper TWICE as wide as your final flag height will be.  Fold your paper in half at the desired height (so you have a really long rectangle) and mark your widths along the crease.  Also measure the center point between your 2 width marks (in my case that was 3/4") on mark it on the non-crease end.   (or just mark off one, cut the one out and then use it as a template for all the others)

3.  Then cut from one width mark to your center mark and then the other.    When unfolded you should have what looks like a diamond shape.

4.  Fold the triangle over a thin string or ribbon (cut to the length that you want plus a little extra so that you have hanging room) and glue the two inside sides of the triangles together with your trusty glue stick.

And there you have it.  Instant fun!
Oh and I made some more "pretty string" too just because it made it so much cuter.

Now go make a ton of these-- they're so fun!   

Oh and keep your scraps-- I'll show you another quick/easy project you can do with your leftovers!

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