Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It really IS that easy!

OK when I saw this this a.m. I thought... 'No WAY it's that easy! This must be some sort of blog conspiracy to make me think I can quickly and easily make homemade donuts.  But... I've got to try it to find out!'   Homemade donuts.

So imagine my joy when my 4 year old son said he wanted to do breakfast for dinner tonight!  (seriously-- I swear I hadn't told anyone about the homemade donuts-- he totally came up with this idea on his own)  So... I tried it-- and it IS that easy (and it took like 20 seconds to do).

Homemade donuts:  two ingredients-- refrigerated buttermilk biscuits and oil to fry them in.

I always just assumed making donuts was hard.  It's not.  Check out the real recipe here or here.

And I assumed making donuts this way wouldn't actually taste like donuts.  But they do!  And they are good.  Really good. (ps-- I rolled my donuts and donut holes in cinnamon sugar)
Now... who wants to come over for breakfast?


Jordan said...

Amazing! I am totally going to try this. It is really really hard to find donuts that the kids can eat (that are allergy-safe) and this could be our answer!!! Thanks, Laur!

Nicole@Thrifty Decorating said...

Yum! It looks like yours turned out VERY well! Thanks so much for the link back! :)

Liz said...

We used to make these all the time when Don,Ian and I lived in California in '93-'96. Yummy!