Sunday, October 2, 2011

Office Makeover Breakdown: Flower Vase

Wanna know what my flower vase looked like before I put it in my cubicle?

actually it only looked like ONE of these (but I happened to buy and photograph 2)
I found these plastic vases at Big Lots during an end of summer clearance event.  They were $.50 each so I bought 2 because I loved their shape.

this angle-- looking down INTO the pot, gives me even MORE ideas

A little white glossy spray paint,  a couple of stems of Dollar Tree "flowers" and Voila!

Project costs breakdown:

Vase:  $.50
Spray Paint:  $4.47 (Krylon Fusion -- for plastics)
Flowers:  (3) stems at $1 each = $3.00

Total cost:  $7.97

The most expensive update to my desk, but I love the impact that it has!

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Christy said...

Girl, you are good!! Love it.