Saturday, January 7, 2012


Just wanted to let you all know I totally ROCKED the grocery store today!  I didn't buy much, but I still did pretty well!

All of this (plus a bunch of Scallions that I forgot to put in the photo)...

for just $5.43!  One box of the Kashi cereal alone retails for $4.59 so.... I was pretty psyched with my purchases.

I don't normally shop at Stop and Shop, but I looked at the circular that came in yesterday's mail to find that they were offering (4) Dollar Doubler Coupons.  I hate to leave FREE MONEY on the table so I searched my coupon stash and cross checked it with the sales being offered and... here's how I did it.

Kashi Cereal (regular prices $4.59 and $3.99 per box) on Sale 2/$6.  I had TWO printable $1 off one Kashi Cereal coupons and used 2 Dollar Doubler coupons:
     2/$6 SALE
- (2) $1 coupons
- (2) Dollar Doubler coupons
=  2/$2!!

Finish Quantum Powerball 10ct. (regular price $4.99) on Sale for $3.99
   $3.99 SALE
-  $1 off one Finish Quantum Powerball 10 or 12ct.
-  (1) Dollar Doubler coupon
= $1.99

Shoestring French Fries on Sale $1
Salad Dressing on Sale $1
Scallions $.99

(Upon further investigation of my receipt, it seems as though the cashier may have hand entered an extra $1 coupon...oh, and I had $.55 worth of bottle return receipts to use too)

Total:  $5.43
Total Savings:  $8.58

Not quite Extreme Couponer, but I was pretty impressed with myself.  :)

Aaaannnddd... I also saved $94.78 at Target today too!  It was a good day of savings for this cheapskate.

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