Friday, January 13, 2012

Make Any Occasion a Special Occasion

We actually did this on New Year's Day because I wanted to do something special to ring in the new year, but really you could take this idea, adapt it to your liking and use it at any time-- after a great day of sledding, for a kids sleep over party, as a part of an after dinner dessert "buffet"...  super easy and super cheap!

I basically just used things that I already had in the house- mostly leftovers from the Christmas holidays.
holy bad lighting Batman-- that tablecloth is in fact white, NOT blue and white as this photo would have it appear
Just put your goodies in "fancy" (I've used that word a lot already this year) serving dishes and you've just made an otherwise ordinary cup of hot cocoa into a special treat!

Start with some good cocoa-- you could also put out a large (pretty) container of homemade hot chocolate mix (FYI-- I haven't actually tried this recipe yet, but it looks so good!) OR you could have this part pre-prepared - already piping hot and in mugs.
Then add all your toppings.  Again-- I just used things that I had on hand-- leftovers from holiday dessert making and baking:
mini-marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, nonpareils, chocolate dipped peppermint sticks...
colored sugars...  In hindsight I realized that if you're planning on putting out colored sugars, it might help if you have more than a couple of tablespoons on hand :)
Just imagine that apothecary jar FULL of red colored sugar...
white chocolate chips...
We also put out chocolate syrup and of course the whipped cream. (luckily for me the whipped cream can is red and white so it totally went with my color scheme!)
And we put out a couple of treats too-- Fat Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip muffins and zucchini bread.  
Add a couple of centerpieces and you've got yourself a party!

Starting 2012 off right with that one big resolution - find ways to make every day life something special!

What do you do to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary?

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