Monday, July 11, 2011

I can make flip flops "fancy".

How many pairs of these do you have?  I love $1 flip flop day at Old Navy.  I go every year and buy a few pair-- usually black, white, navy blue and brown (to replace the ones that I wore out last year).  I pretty much live in them all summer long.  I know they are not the most fashionable accessory, but they sure are comfy!
At my "new" job, we have a very relaxed dress code for summer (since our campus is pretty empty during the summer) and we are allowed to wear flip flops.   There's nothing better than cool comfortable footwear during the summer so I've embraced this.  But... I felt kinda funny wearing $1 shoes to work so... I decided to upgrade mine.
please try to look past my fugly feet and focus on the shoes.
Using a technique that I've become pretty familiar with from past projects like this:
 and this:
I created some fabric rosettes using an old black t-shirt and a fabric remnant that I had on hand.  Add a couple of beads and voila!
I promise you that in real life the hot glue isn't quite this noticeable-- especially from the distance that people look at your shoes from.   These photos just seem to really be magnifying it for some reason.
BUT, because sometimes you just want plain 'ole $1 flip flops (like for the beach or the pool), I made these removable by hot gluing the rosettes onto a piece of felt and adding some safety pins to pin them to the straps of the shoes.  kinda hard to see below, but you get the idea...
and no-- it's surprisingly NOT uncomfortable
Had I thought of this idea sooner, I would've bought a couple of black pairs and made these permanent by hot gluing right to the straps, but this is the next best alternative.
And FYI-- my new favorite nail polish color is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in 'Grey Area'.  You may remember seeing it first in this post.

There you have it-- a FREE upgrade to $1 shoes (I had all supplies on hand).  My kinda deal!  And I love them!  (obviously-- check out all the exclamation points)
What are your thoughts on flip flops in the office?


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Very cute...and clever!

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I love fabric rosettes! Cute idea