Friday, September 30, 2011

Office Makeover Breakdown: Standing File Holder

OK-- so here's my second favorite project from my office makeover-- the standing file.  (second only to the pennant banner project which makes me so happy!)

I knew I wanted a standing file organizer for my desk space (to help corral some of that "I need it at my fingertips every day" type clutter that an office desk has, but I also knew I wanted it to be pretty and not cost me an arm and a leg.  Enter Martha Stewart Tutorial.

So if you haven't already checked out that tutorial-- you'll never guess what this organizer is made from.

A cereal box!  That Martha-- she's a genius I tell ya'.

So go raid the pantry and make one of these!  Now!

Gather your supplies:
note:  I ended up using different paper but didn't take a new "supplies" photo
Figure out where you want to make your cut and mark with a straight edge.
yes, this cheapskate buys "store brand" cheerios.  Not all "store brand" cheerios are good, but these from Aldi (if you have one near you) are actually pretty close to the real thing!

You could probably Mod Podge or decoupage or contact paper your box, but I just used plain ole' scrapbook paper and my trusty glue stick.  I laid the box out on my papers and marked.  Then when I cut them out I left a LITTLE overhang so that they could wrap around the edges to ensure no "gaps".  A piece for each side, front, back and bottom completed the outside.  FYI:  with my cereal box the 12"X12" paper worked REALLY well!

Then, using a complementary paper, I started on the inside.  Since I was using a patterned paper, I was able to work with any creases easily when using more than one piece to fit a side (with the 8 1/2" X 11" paper that I used for the inside).
Because I knew no one would see the inside bottom of my file, I chose to leave that part alone, but it would have been easy enough to do the whole thing.
Here's the beauty of this project (and the specific papers I chose).  If you have little bits that don't get totally covered, you can easily disguise them with a little marker action.  

Now you see it:
see the bit of yellow peaking out.  Oh and look at that-- some of my camera strap made it into the photo too-- oops!
Now you don't:
Hooray for quick fixes!

And now a few glamour shots:

I LOVE this cool retro bin I found in our office supply closet at work too.

Total cost for this project:  FREE-- I already had the cereal box, papers, marker and glue all on hand!

Now I just can't wait to get a house so I can make some for a home office too! :)

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Ruby Badcoe @ WilliamsDataManagement said...

Awesome! I never thought that it was a cereal box. Creativity really makes you create something out from something else. Such pretty file organizers add beauty to a working table.